Alcoholic cocktail «Bloody Mary» recipe with photos step by step

Алкогольный коктейль


Tomato juice — 200 ml
Vodka — 100 ml
Ice — 2 handfuls
Lemon juice or lime juice + a couple of slices when serving — 2 tsp.
Tobasco sauce — 10 drops
Salt — 4 tbsp.l. (optional)
Ground black pepper — to taste
Celery stalks — when serving, optional

How to make a Bloody Mary cocktail from affordable and simple ingredients.

  • 100 ml Vodka
  • 2 handfuls of ice
  • 2 tsp Lemon juice or lime juice + a couple of slices when serving
  • 10 drops of Tobasco sauce
  • 4 tbsp.l. (optional) Salt
  • to taste Ground black pepper
  • when serving, celery stalks are optional
  • How to make an alcoholic cocktail «Bloody Mary»

    Alcohol is inherently evil, but in acceptable quantities it can become a boon. For example, if you take wine in small doses (50 grams), then the body will get some additional tone. In addition, the wine has bactericidal, anti-stress and anti-allergic properties. But today we are not talking about wine, but about the famous alcoholic cocktail under the catchy name «Bloody Mary». It is not forbidden to skip a glass of another of this pleasant drink in all respects on a holiday to anyone and will not be able to harm health if you observe the measure.

    Step-by-step recipe


    I usually make such a cocktail in tall glasses and serve it with a straw, having previously put a few ice cubes. The drink turns out refreshing and slightly intoxicating. Therefore, immediately prepare the necessary dishes for the cocktail.


    Vodka and tomato juice are the main ingredients of a cocktail, and they must be chilled.
    * You can lower the rim of the glass into water, and then dip it in coarse salt. The salt will stick to it, forming a white stripe (but this stage can be skipped).


    We put ice cubes in a glass. Now pour in a portion of tomato juice. By the way, the ratio of vodka and tomato juice should be 1:2, respectively, but in principle, it is not forbidden to cook as anyone likes. Vodka at the same time should be of high quality.

    • Алкогольный коктейль

    Add five, six drops of hot sauce, such as Tabasco. There is no need to mix!

    • Алкогольный коктейль

    Pour in a portion of vodka and add a teaspoon of lemon juice or lime juice. We try to act in such a way as to avoid mixing the layers of the cocktail. The drink is ready, you can season it with ground black pepper and citrus slices. By the way, it is very tasty to serve with celery, but this product is already an amateur, not everyone likes it. Happy holidays, dear friends!

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