Banana Bread with chocolate and raisins without sugar

In collaboration with Airc

Banana Bread con cioccolato e uvetta senza zucchero

As we often say, being careful about what we eat is essential. Did you know that nutrition is a very important weapon for prevention, even against cancer?  This is why with the advice of AIRC we have studied super healthy recipes, very good and beautiful to see to make you understand what are the small choices – and ingredients – that can make a difference in your daily life. This time it’s the turn of a sweet but sugar-free recipe, a banana bread where we replaced sugar with raisins and chocolate, rich in antioxidant properties. The result is amazing, no one will notice that it is sugar-free and you will feel entitled to do the encore. Among the other ingredients we chose wholemeal spelled flour with low glycemic content and extra virgin olive oil instead of animal fats. What are you waiting for? Get to work.

In this video you will see the steps to prepare a sugar-free BANANA BREAD that will leave you speechless. In general, remember to limit the use of sugar and prefer alternative ingredients to sweeten your recipes such as chocolate or dehydrated fruit.

Ingredients for 6 people

200 GOG
3 bananas
200 g whole wheat spelt flour
100 g Dark Chocolate 70%
80 g raisins
50 g almond flour
3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
2 eggs
2 teaspoons baking powder
2 teaspoons cinnamon
1 vanilla bean


In a bowl mix the flours with the yeast. Cut the vanilla pod lengthwise, open it with your fingers and with the help of a knife, pull out the black seeds and add them to the dough along with the cinnamon.
Break and combine the broken chocolate into small pieces and the raisins previously soaked in water.
In another bowl, combine and mix the wet ingredients: the eggs, the oil and theurt Mash two bananas with a fork then combine the pulp with the moist dough. Combine the two doughs without working too much, pour the mixture into an oiled and non-stick plumcake mold, before baking place on the surface of the plumcake two thin slices of banana cut lengthwise and floured on the side in contact with the dough.
Bake at 175 C Let cool before serving.

Banana Bread con cioccolato e uvetta senza zucchero

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