Chicken salad with grapes «Tiffany» recipe with photos step by step

Куриный салат с виноградом «Тифани» рецепт с фото пошагово


Chicken breast — 500 gr.
Hard cheese — 300 gr.
Mayonnaise — to taste
Yogurt — to taste
Nuts — 250 gr.
Grapes — 200 gr.
Eggs — 4 pcs.

This dish is ideal as an appetizer for a festive table.

  • 300 gr. Hard cheese
  • Mayonnaise to taste
  • to taste Yogurt
  • 250 gr. Nuts
  • 200 gr. Grape
  • 4 pcs. Eggs
  • How to cook Chicken salad with grapes «Tiffany»

    In this recipe, I will tell you how to cook one of the most delicate and festive salads, the highlight of which are ingredients such as chicken breast and grapes. The combination is very interesting!

    Step-by-step recipe


    Preparation of ingredients:
    We prepare our ingredients: we take out chicken breast, grapes, eggs and hard cheese with nuts. We leave everything on the table, also having prepared all the necessary dishes.


    Chicken preparation:
    We take the chicken breast and put it to cook on medium heat for about 25 minutes, I just put it to stew in a slow cooker for 15 minutes. Next, we take out the cooked chicken breast and cut it into small pieces, you can simply divide it into fibers, according to your taste.


    Roasting chicken:
    We take a frying pan and put it on medium heat, pour vegetable oil. We throw our chicken into it and fry it for a couple of minutes.


    Preparation of eggs and cheese:
    We take four eggs and put them in a saucepan, pour water into it and put our eggs to boil to a steep state. They will be preparing for 15 minutes. Next, we take out a piece of hard cheese. I take Gouda and rub it on a coarse grater. When the eggs are cooked, they also need to be grated on the same grater.


    Preparation of nuts and grapes:
    We take nuts, it is better to use walnuts and fry them for a minute in a frying pan, then crumble them with a knife into smaller pieces. Wash the grapes and cut each grape in half. It is better to use grapes without bones.

    • Куриный салат с виноградом «Тифани» рецепт с фото пошагово

    Sauce preparation:
    We take a bowl and add a couple of spoonfuls of mayonnaise and the same amount of plain yogurt to it. I mix 3 tablespoons of each ingredient. You can also add salt to the sauce.

    • Куриный салат с виноградом «Тифани» рецепт с фото пошагово

    Salad assembly:
    We take a deep plate and put the ingredients on it in turn. First we put half of our chicken and mute sauce, then some nuts and then ½ part of the eggs, sauce again, then part of the cheese. Repeat the layers again. At the end, we spread the grapes on top.

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