Easter cottage cheese «Three chocolates» recipe with photos step by step

Пасха творожная


Cottage cheese — 300 gr
Cream — 100 ml
Yolk — 2 pieces
Vanilla sugar — 1 tsp
Powdered sugar — 70 g
Butter — 25 g
White chocolate — 20 gr
Dark chocolate — 35 gr
Milk chocolate — 25 gr

How to make a curd-chocolate dessert for the Easter holiday. My kids are delighted with this chocolate pasochka!

  • 100 ml Cream
  • 2 pieces yolk
  • 1 tsp vanilla sugar
  • 70 g Powdered sugar
  • 25 g butter
  • 20 g white chocolate
  • 35 g dark chocolate
  • 25 g Milk chocolate
  • How to cook Easter cottage cheese «Three chocolates»

    Easter is a big holiday for every Russian person. Traditional Easter cakes have long been included in our menu on this day. But besides cakes, there are many other culinary delights for celebrating Easter. For example, you can cook a wonderful three-layer dessert of chocolate and cottage cheese.

    Step-by-step recipe


    To prepare dessert, we need a special Easter shape in the form of a truncated cone or trapezoid. We will prepare all the necessary ingredients for the kitchen table.


    In a blender, mix cottage cheese, powdered sugar, vanilla sugar, egg yolks separated from proteins, and softened butter until smooth.


    The resulting curd mass should be brewed in a water bath, without bringing to a boil. Let’s leave it to cool down.


    Pour the whipped cream into the cold curd mixture and mix with an immersion blender.


    Now we will melt three types of chocolate in three separate containers in the microwave oven.


    The curd mass is also divided into three parts. Mix one part with white, the second with dark, and the third with milk chocolate.


    Inside the pasochnitsa, installed with the narrow end down, we will put a clean gauze. Fill it with three layers of chocolate-curd mass. We will put it in the refrigerator for freezing.

    • Пасха творожная

    Carefully remove the dessert from the mold by the ends of the gauze and pour melted chocolate over it. The yam is ready! We serve it to the table.

    • Пасха творожная

    Happy Easter!

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