Homemade kvass on black bread (without yeast) recipe with photos step by step

Домашний квас на черном хлебе (без дрожжей) рецепт с фото пошагово


Black bread — 300 gr
Water — 1.5 l
Granulated sugar — 1 tbsp.l

How to put homemade kvass on pieces of black bread without using a yeast base.

  • 1.5 l Water
  • 1 tbsp Granulated sugar
  • How to make Homemade kvass on black bread (without yeast)

    In hot weather, cold and delicious drinks are especially relevant. Of course, you can quench your thirst with ordinary water, but sometimes you want us not only to get drunk, but also to enjoy this process. Since ancient times, the best refreshing and tonic drink was ordinary bread kvass. Various factory-made carbonated waters, of course, taste good, but they are not too useful for the body. This is especially true of drinking like a foreign Coca-Cola, whose cleansing properties for plumbing have long been known to everyone. Our native Russian bread kvass is another matter. It is useful to the stomach and is made from natural ingredients.

    Step-by-step recipe


    To prepare homemade kvass in this recipe, we will not use yeast to create a starter culture. We’ll only need some black bread.


    We will cover the bread in a glass container, which will be enough to satisfy the needs of all members of your family for a delicious drink. This recipe is designed for one and a half liters. The bottom of the jar should be filled with bread to a height of at least five centimeters.


    Add granulated sugar there and pour the water better warm and not from the tap. It can be used cleaned through a filter system. We close the container with a lid, but not tight, so that the contents can «breathe». You can just tie the neck with a rag.

    • Домашний квас на черном хлебе (без дрожжей) рецепт с фото пошагово

    After two or three days, you can try kvass and, if it is ready to be used for its intended purpose.

    • Домашний квас на черном хлебе (без дрожжей) рецепт с фото пошагово

    However, there is one nuance here. The first kvass is better to use, for example, for cooking okroshka, because it is not so tasty for drinking. But by insisting the next portion on leavened grounds and adding a little more bread, we get a very tasty product.

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