Italian lemon risotto recipe with photos step by step

Итальянское лимонное ризотто рецепт с фото пошагово


fish broth — 1 liter
rice — 200 grams
onion — 1 head
carrots — 1 pc .
garlic — 3 cloves
dry wine — 50 ml
lemon — 1 piece
butter — 30 grams

For those who do not know, risotto is an Italian rice porridge, but cooked in a complicated way. If you are not a fan of rice, or you have been bored with it for a long time, then risotto is a great way to evaluate this

  • 200 grams of rice
  • 1 head onion
  • 1 piece carrot
  • 3 garlic cloves
  • 50 ml dry wine
  • 1 piece lemon
  • 30 grams of butter
  • How to make Italian Lemon Risotto

    Today we are preparing lemon Italian risotto. Instead of lemon, you can use lime, then the dish will acquire a more interesting flavor. This is a traditional dish of Italy, which has gained a lot of cooking options over the years. For the first time, risotto was prepared in Venice, from where the popularity of the dish spread to continental Italy, and then the whole world.

    Risoto goes well with seafood (such as shrimp), mushrooms or meat.

    Step-by-step recipe


    Make fish broth — a broth of several types of fish is ideal, for example, take a pink salmon ridge, after separating the fillet, and boil it together with small river fish. Strain the broth from the bones and scales, add coarsely chopped carrots, one onion, salt and spices. Remove the foam from the broth.


    Finely chop the onion and fry in butter until translucent, add chopped garlic and rice.


    Fry rice until golden brown, add wine.


    After the wine has evaporated, add the broth and simmer over low heat for 15 minutes.


    Add lemon zest to the almost cooked rice.


    Pour the melted butter and lemon juice into the risotto, stirring gently.

    • Итальянское лимонное ризотто рецепт с фото пошагово

    In the above recipe for lemon risotto, you can also add mint leaves at the end of cooking. Enjoy your meal.

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