Lean salad Vinaigrette recipe with photos step by step

Постный салат Винегрет рецепт с фото пошагово


beetroot — 2 pcs
carrots — 2 pcs
potatoes — 2 pcs
pickles — 4 pieces
canned green peas — 1 bank
salt — to taste
olive oil — to taste

Vinaigrette is a snack salad of Russian cuisine.

  • 2pcs carrots
  • 2pcs potatoes
  • 4 pcs pickles
  • 1 can of canned green peas
  • salt to taste
  • olive oil to taste
  • How to make a Lean salad Vinaigrette

    Vinaigrette is a popular winter salad of beets, potatoes, carrots, pickles, canned peas. If desired, you can add sauerkraut.

    Step-by-step recipe


    To begin with, we wash all the vegetables well with a brush under running water. Then we take a deep saucepan, throw in all the vegetables and put them on the fire. I cook all the vegetables together. I just pull out potatoes and carrots earlier (cook for 20 minutes) and cook beets a little longer. The cooking time varies depending on the size of the vegetables, it is best to check by piercing with a skewer.


    We put all the vegetables in a separate bowl to cool down, if it is possible to put them in a cool room. As the vegetables cool down, peel them off.


    We take a deep salad bowl so that it is convenient to mix. To cut potatoes, you can lubricate the knife with vegetable oil. And alternately cut all the vegetables into medium cubes. Pickles are taken out of the jar and cut into cubes as well.


    At the end, add canned green peas. After opening the jar, we drain all the water and send only peas to the salad.

    • Постный салат Винегрет рецепт с фото пошагово

    At the end, salt the salad if desired and add olive oil, vegetable oil is possible. And mix everything well. It can be served both in portions and in a common salad bowl. If desired, you can add or decorate the salad with herbs. Enjoy your meal.

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