Portioned meat jelly with vegetables recipe with photos step by step

Порционный мясной холодец с овощами рецепт с фото пошагово


Beef meat — 1kg
Beef leg — 1 piece
Carrots — 2 pcs
Onion — 1 piece
Garlic — 3 teeth
Salt — To taste
Ground black pepper — 0.5 tbsp.l
Bay leaf — 2 pcs
Canned green peas — 100g
Leek — 1 pc.
Parsley — to taste

A dish that no festive table can do without — pork leg jelly

  • 1pc Beef leg
  • 2pcs Carrots
  • 1 piece onion
  • 3 Garlic cloves
  • Salt to taste
  • 0.5tbsp Ground black pepper
  • 2pcs Bay Leaf
  • 100g canned green peas
  • 1 PC. Leek
  • to taste Parsley
  • How to cook a Portioned meat jelly with vegetables

    Delicious, fragrant, tender meat jelly … no festive feast can do without a good jelly. According to this recipe, an excellent pork leg jelly is obtained

    Step-by-step recipe


    Clean the beef leg thoroughly, rinse. Divide into 2-3 parts, put in a saucepan. We send the meat there, fill it with cold water to cover the meat.


    We put it on the fire, after the water boils, we turn down the fire. Add salt, pepper, garlic and bay leaf.


    Peel the onion, rinse and throw it into a saucepan. Peel the carrots, rinse and also send them to the pan. Cook for 4-5 hours, adding water (after evaporation).


    Remove the meat, sort it out, cut into cubes, cut the carrots into circles. Strain the broth. Rinse the greens.

    • Порционный мясной холодец с овощами рецепт с фото пошагово

    In small saucers on the bottom we put green canned peas 1 tbsp .spoon, then carrots, meat and greens (you can alternate). Pour the broth. We send it to the refrigerator until the jelly is completely frozen.

    • Порционный мясной холодец с овощами рецепт с фото пошагово

    We put lettuce leaves on a plate, meat jelly on top. Serve with mustard and lemon slices.

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