Red borscht with pampushki recipe with photos step by step

Красный борщ с пампушками рецепт с фото пошагово


Meat — 600-700 grams
Carrots — 1 piece
Onion — 1 piece
Potatoes — 5 pieces
Beetroot — 1 piece
Bulgarian pepper — 1 piece
Bean — glass
Garlic — a few cloves
Cabbage — 1/2 fork
Tomato paste — 2 tablespoons
Salt, pepper — to taste
Dough for pampushki — 500 grams
Garlic — 1-2 cloves
Olive or vegetable oil — 3 tbsp.l.

This dish is the hallmark of Ukrainian cuisine. It makes the mouth water not only in adults, but also in children. The dish is quite complicated, especially for beginners. But there are also simplified recipes.

  • 1 piece Carrot
  • 1 piece onion
  • 5 pieces of potatoes
  • 1 piece beetroot
  • 1 piece Bulgarian pepper
  • glass of beans
  • a few cloves of garlic
  • 1/2 fork Cabbage
  • 2 tablespoons tomato paste
  • to taste Salt, pepper
  • 500 grams of dough for pampushki
  • 1-2 cloves Garlic
  • 3 tbsp Olive or vegetable oil
  • How to cook Red borscht with pampushki

    According to this recipe, you do not need to roast borscht. This means reducing calories by reducing oil and maximizing the benefits of vegetables. The basis for the broth can be low-fat pork, beef or veal. Beans are rather an additional ingredient, but it is not necessary to exclude it, since it will additionally enrich borscht with proteins.

    Step-by-step recipe


    First of all, soak the beans overnight and cook beef broth in a three-liter saucepan. The meat can be cooked, then cut or immediately cut into small pieces (so cooking will speed up).

    Send the beans to the boiling broth. Meanwhile, peel the onion and carrot, sweet pepper. Cut everything and put it in a saucepan after 15 minutes.


    Squeeze the garlic through a press and send it there. Beetroot is an integral part of such a borscht, put it in the borscht half an hour after the start of cooking.


    Potatoes are cut into medium pieces, tomato paste, salt and chicken are put. Finely chopped cabbage is added last.

    • Красный борщ с пампушками рецепт с фото пошагово

    The purchased dough for pies is divided into parts and put on a greased form in the form of balls. Bake the dumplings for half an hour until cooked and browned at a temperature of 180 C. While the buns are being baked, peel and grate the garlic and mix it with butter. Ready-made pampushki are served with garlic butter and delicious borscht. Bon Appetit!

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