Tomato rice soup with meat recipe with photos step by step

Томатный рисовый суп с мясом рецепт с фото пошагово


Beef on the bone — 600 gr
Tomatoes — 2 pcs
Onion — 1 piece
Tomato paste — 50 g
Bulgarian pepper — 1/2 pcs .
Vegetable oil — for frying
Rice — half a cup
Ground paprika — 0.5 h l
Ground red pepper — 0.5 tsp
Garlic — 2 teeth
Bay leaf — 2 pieces
Greens — a bunch (optional)

A wonderful first course, tomato rice soup with meat! Prepare and taste the bright taste of summer.

  • 2 pcs Tomatoes
  • 1 piece onion
  • 50 g Tomato paste
  • 1/2 pc. Bulgarian pepper
  • for frying Vegetable oil
  • half a cup of rice
  • 0.5 h l Ground paprika
  • 0.5 tsp Ground red pepper
  • 2 Garlic tooth
  • 2 pcs Bay leaf
  • a bunch (optional) of Greens
  • How to cook Tomato rice soup with meat

    A bright, delicious and flavorful soup will take one of the first places in your dining menu. Even an absolute beginner of culinary art can cook it. The soup will be prepared on the basis of beef broth. Choose a small piece of beef with a bone, it can be a thick or thin edge, a shank. Be sure to be fresh, with a delicate color and no unpleasant smell.

    Step-by-step recipe


    Beef is thawed in advance at room temperature. Then pour 3 liters of cold water and put it on the stove until boiling. Remove the foam with a slotted spoon and reduce the temperature. The water should gurgle softly, boil weakly. Salt and put a bay leaf. We cook for one and a half or two hours, it all depends on how young the animal was. We poke the meat with a fork, if it is soft, then both the meat and the broth are ready for further action.


    Onions are cleaned, cut into cubes. Fry in a frying pan with vegetable oil, stir. Garlic is passed through the press. Tomatoes are peeled from the skin (cut crosswise and into boiling water), finely chopped and fried in a frying pan. Also add Bulgarian pepper, medium-sized chopped. Add tomato paste to the onion, pepper and tomato and pass it for a few minutes. We throw garlic, stir and remove from the heat.


    We take the beef out of the broth and put it on a plate, let it cool down. Rice is washed in cold running water.


    Put the rice in the broth and leave to cook for 15 minutes. The cooled meat is separated from the bone and cut into a large cube. We send it back to the pan.

    • Томатный рисовый суп с мясом рецепт с фото пошагово

    Now we add all our fragrant onion-tomato-garlic mixture to the pan, and also throw paprika and ground pepper there. We throw it into a saucepan, wait until it boils and immediately remove it from the heat. Serve with herbs. Bon Appetit!alit

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